We all know that there are unbeatable tax incentives for audio-visual production in the Canary Islands. If you want to go into detail about them, you can visit the website of Tenerife Film Commission, Canary Islands Film or contact us directly and we will try to help you and clear up your doubts.

But it is not so known the favourable conditions when you hire post-production services and aim for tax incentives. This is the reason why we want to briefly show the advantageous conditions when you hire a post-production company like us.

On one hand and focus on the tax incentives for foreign productions, generally, you would have to spend at least 1.000.000 € in Canaries if you wanted to obtain the tax rebate, nevertheless, you only need a spending of 200.000 € for animation or post-production projects.

On the other hand, in the case of Spanish productions and if you wanted to benefit from a tax credit, you would need to fulfil the follow conditions:

- For films for cinema release, you have to shoot, generally, between 11 to 18 days in Canary Islands at least, but a minimum of 9 shooting days if you spend 15% of your budget on hiring post-production services.

- For TV series, 20% of the season shooting time must be shot in Canary Islands but the shooting time drops to 15% as long as the 15% of your budget is spent on hiring post-production services.